Our Mission:

To bring the comfort and warmth of God's love to those who are suffering, and support and love to those who are experiencing a special joy in their lives.  It is a unique way of reaching out to the community in a very tactile way.  A prayer shawl can be seen as a symbolic "hug" from God.


Each month we gather together to pray, knit or crochet, and enjoy fellowship.  Typically the meeting lasts an hour or so, beginning with a prayer, followed by a short business meeting and includes time for catching up with each other.  Each meeting ends with the members praying over the shawls and asking for God's blessing for the recipients and for the member's own special intentions.

Normally 3-5 people attend the monthly meetings and to date, over 200 shawls have been distributed throughout the community.

Some members are unable to attend the meetings, but continue their ministry at home on their own time.

How Do I Join The Group?

Call the Coordinator to ensure the meeting is taking place at the usual time and place.  We welcome anyone at any time.

How Do I Get A Shawl For Someone?

Prayer Shawls are usually distributed through Pastoral Care, but anyone is welcome to take one for a friend or family member in need.  

Shawls ready to be given away are all on hangers in the cupboard of Rm 5.  There is a book where information must be taken down to track where the shawls have gone.  There are also cards attached and we have bags and tissue paper there as well.

Shawls are never to be sold, but we gratefully accept donations through the office. These donations allow us to purchase supplies and continue the 'ripple effect' of unconditional love!