Give yourself the gifts of peace, healing and compassionate care…Knox’s Healing Ministry is part of the national Healing Pathway program. Volunteer practitioners are trained to provide a safe, channel of loving Divine energy. “The foundation of the program lies in the long tradition of healing within the Christian faith. The aim of healing is to restore balance and harmony within the energy system and thus enable the self-healing of the individual.”  

Every week, we offer Healing Pathway sessions at Knox United Church in Parksville.  We can also make arrangements for sessions in people’s homes or the hospital.

Healing Pathway prayerfully and meditatively channels spiritually-focused energy.  Individuals receive this “healing energy” on a massage table or in a chair from trained practitioners with the intention to welcome healing through physical relaxation, relief from pain, symptoms or stress.

Some specific applications:

  • Joint pain from arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia
  • Depression
  • Childbirth
  • Strengthening immune system
  • Before and after surgery 

This healing ministry is not only for people dealing with a major health crisis. We are all on a healing journey of mind, body, emotions and spirit. Healing Pathway sessions, with non-invasive  touch, helps all of us on the road to wholeness. Those who receive sessions testify to experiencing a deep peace, groundedness, integration, as well as pain relief.

To book an appointment please email

Treatments are offered to the congregation and to the community at no cost.  If one wishes, a donation may be made to Knox United Church.