We have designed a Visitor's Brochure that we hope you will pick up from the Hospitality Table when you come to Sunday service.  But in the meantime we hope these FAQ's will help you:

How long are the services?                                                            

Sunday service starts at 10:00 AM and ends no later than 11:30 AM.

How might you accommodate my special needs?  

Please read our SPECIAL NEEDS section and if you don't see your needs addressed there, just check with any of our Hospitality Team that are there to greet you and make your experience as easy as possible.

What do you have for children and youth?  

Everyone who comes to church gathers for worship together. Early in the service, the minister invites the children up to the front for a short lesson and song and then the children and youth can leave for their own creative program to explore faith at their own level, and adults stay in worship. Infants, children and youth are welcome to stay in worship for the full time if that is more comforting.

Where do I park? 

We have lots of parking in our lot and prefer that everyone use that rather than street parking if possible.  The section closest to the front door are all handicapped and staff parking. 

What do I wear?    

Wear whatever you like!  We are more interested in YOU than what you wear.  However, we do ask people refrain from using any scented products as there are some people who are affected adversely by any type of scents.

How can I get connected?  

When you first come in the door, you will see a table with one of our Hospitality Team volunteers.  We ask that you stop there and get a nametag and get any questions asked.

Most Sundays, after service, coffee and tea are served in the lounge and that's a great place to give us a chance to meet and welcome you and answer any questions you may have.

Do I have to give financially?  

We have baskets at the front and back of the sanctuary to create an opportunity for our congregation to give financially. This is a way for our community to say, “We believe in the positive difference our ministries make in our lives and in the community." As a guest, there is no pressure for you to give anything at this time.  We just want you to enjoy the service.  If you would like to make a contribution, you can pick up a giving envelope at the Hospitality table so you are able to receive a tax donation receipt and put your offering in one of the baskets on your way out.