We set aside sacred time every week to connect with God and each other through songs, prayers, readings, the use of digital media, silence and reflection.   Sometimes our worship is quiet and contemplative, but more often it includes celebration and laughter. Occasionally members of our community offer their talents of drama, dance, or artistic talents such as in the design and creation of banners. 

Most of the time we reflect on the spiritual teachings of Jesus and read scripture from the Judeo Christian bible, but we also respect the spiritual teachings of the world’s major religions, and during Interfaith Harmony Month we have guest speakers from other faiths to also learn from them.  

We do not take the Bible literally, but we do take it seriously, and recognize that it holds much wisdom for us even today as we live out our lives in our contemporary context with all of its challenges.  

Our creative planning team works together to create meaningful opportunities for our hearts, minds, and souls to open so that the Spirit of God can inspire, encourage, comfort, challenge, and renew us.  

Due to the continuing Covid-19 virus lockdown there are no meetings at the church.  Once things return to normal, meetings will resume as follows:

Worship and Arts Team meet the second Thursday of each month 1:00PM – 3:00PM in the Lounge