Hearing Impaired

Our sanctuary is equipped with a loop system for the hearing impaired.  If you wear a hearing-aid, please turn it to the “T” position.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Knox is all one level to assist with accessibility and the front door has an automatic door opener and accessible bathroom for your convenience.  If you are new, just stop by the Hospitality table as you come in the door and we will ensure that our ushers find seating that suits you.  

Other Mobility Aids

Our ushers will assist you in finding a seat.  They can also take your walker from you after being seated and return it to you at the end of the service.  Some of our chairs have arms which may be helpful.

Fragrance Sensitivities

We strive to be a scent-free building, but acknowledge that this will never be 100% given new people attend every week that will not have this awareness.