Here is how the sacrament of baptism process happens in many United Church of Canada churches:

Candidates’ names are presented by the minister to the worship team and from there to our official board or administrative bodies for their blessing.  Ideally, these processes happen several weeks before the designated Sunday, and after time has been spent with candidates and their families preparing for baptism or renewal of vows.  

On the designated Sunday for baptism, candidates are presented to the congregation; a series of particular faith based questions are asked; verbal promises are made; and the gathered congregation makes its own commitment to the candidate in the context of a regular worship service.

This is followed by a ritual of blessing with water from the baptismal font. 

Sometimes an oil of anointing, laying on of hands, and a presentation of certificates along with a special baptismal candle is made,  depending on the particular practices of the congregation as set out by its worship committee.    

At the conclusion of the service, the candidate’s name is added as a member to the historic roll of the church.

As well, some very particular attention is given to the music choices for the day, the learning or theme time, and the homily focused on the sacrament of baptism.