What is a prayer chain?
A group of people from Knox who have agreed to pray for people as part of their daily prayers. They are linked, like a chain, to one another so that the needs for prayer can be passed on to all the members of the chain.

Please note:  no-one is added to a prayer list without their knowledge and consent

Who are we?
We are a group of volunteers who believe in the power of prayer. We believe that healing is Jesus Christ meeting us at our point of need.

Who can be prayed for?
Requests are received from anyone at all who feels in need of prayer, or who might have a relative, friend or person they are concerned about, or an issue that they wish to be remembered in prayer.

Normally, but not in every circumstance, those being prayed for specifically should know about any request made on their behalf and be in agreement with it going forward.

Is it the same as being prayed for at Sunday worship?
No. The prayer chain does not pass names for use in public worship.

Will those being prayed for become known in church circles?
No. This is a confidential process. Members of the prayer chain may only pass on information to other prayer chain members directly. They will not leave messages on answer phones or leave papers about in church to be picked up by colleagues.

What sort of issues can be prayed for?
Any situations that cause sadness, anxiety and distress:

  • For those who are bereaved;
  • Accident victims;
  • Those preparing for, or recovering from surgery or illness;
  • Those going through stressful times in their lives;
  • Any who are fearful;
  • The terminally ill;
  • Those with family worries;
  • ... and others too

How do I make a request?
Use the form below and it will automatically be sent to the Prayer Chain Team Leader, June McIntyre or you can call her at 250-248-3119, or the church office, 240-248-3927.

New links on the prayer chain are always welcome. If you feel called to pray for the needs of others, please contact us to find out more. 

Prayer Request