Pastoral Care Team

The Pastoral Care team at Knox helps us to connect and care for one another in the concerns and celebrations of our lives. Pastoral Care team members turn loving care into action for those experiencing loss, grief, loneliness or illness.

Phone calls and visits to those who are shut-in, in hospital, or residential care, welcome newcomers, deliver home-cooked meals, scripture cards, prayer shawls, arrange pastoral contact with the minister.   During this time of Covid, Pastoral Care has set up a communication network that will help us to stay connected.  If you would like to receive an occasional phone call or email, we would be happy to put you in touch with another member of the congregation.  If you would enjoy making the phone calls, please contact Linda N.  for more information.  Please see the Knox Photo Directory for contact information.

What is a prayer chain? A group of people from Knox who have agreed to pray for people as part of their daily prayers. They are linked, like a chain, to one another so that the needs for prayer can be passed on to all the members of the chain. Please note:  no-one is added to a prayer list without their knowledge and consent
Who are we? We are a group of volunteers who believe in the power of prayer. We believe that healing is Jesus Christ meeting us at our point of need.
Who can be prayed for? Requests are received from anyone at all who feels in need of prayer, or who might have a relative, friend or person they are concerned about, or an issue that they wish to be remembered in prayer. Normally, but not in every circumstance, those being prayed for specifically should know about any request made on their behalf and be in agreement with it going forward.
Is it the same as being prayed for at Sunday worship? No. The prayer chain does not pass names for use in public worship.
Will those being prayed for become known in church circles? No. This is a confidential process. Members of the prayer chain may only pass on information to other prayer chain members directly. They will not leave messages on answer phones or leave papers about in church to be picked up by colleagues.
What sort of issues can be prayed for? Any situations that cause sadness, anxiety and distress: For those who are bereaved; Accident victims; Those preparing for, or recovering from surgery or illness; Those going through stressful times in their lives; Any who are fearful; The terminally ill; Those with family worries; ... and others too. 
How do I make a request? You may call the church office @ 240-248-3927 or send an email to Knox Administration New links on the prayer chain are always welcome. If you feel called to pray for the needs of others, please contact us to find out more. 

Cookies Cuz We Care is a day when 4000 home baked cookies are delivered to people in our congregation, and community. The visit (with a festive cookie tray in hand) may be made as a gesture of welcome, appreciation or support. It is a fun filled day where we all come together for Christmas joyfulness!   This year, due to Covid, we will not be delivering cookies. Thanks to Mary-Anne S. for making beautiful Christmas cards that will be mailed out instead of cookies.

Our Mission: To bring the comfort and warmth of God's love to those who are suffering, and support and love to those who are experiencing a special joy in their lives.  It is a unique way of reaching out to the community in a very tactile way.  A prayer shawl can be a symbolic "hug" from God.  
Meetings: Twice a month we gather to pray, knit, or crochet, and enjoy fellowship. Typically, the meeting begins with a prayer, followed by a short business meeting, and includes time for catching up with each other. Each meeting ends with the members praying over the shawls and asking for God's blessing for the recipients and for the member's own special intentions.  Normally 3-5 people attend the bi-monthly meetings and to date, over 300 shawls have been distributed throughout the community.  Some members are unable to attend the meetings, but they continue their ministry at home on their own time.  Members may also choose to create for other causes such as cold weather hats, scarves for the homeless, afghans for Orca Place etc.
How Do I Join the Group? Call the Coordinator to ensure the meeting is taking place at the usual time and place.  We welcome anyone at any time.
How Do I Get A Shawl for Someone? Prayer Shawls are usually distributed through Pastoral Care, but anyone is welcome to take one for a friend or family member in need.  Shawls ready to be given away are all on hangers in the cupboard of Rm 5. There is a folder where information must be taken down to track where the shawls have gone. There are also cards attached and we have bags and tissue paper there as well.  Shawls are never to be sold, but we gratefully accept donations through the Church Office. These donations allow us to purchase yarn and continue the 'ripple effect' of unconditional love!

The Healing Pathway Ministry follows the Christian tradition of Jesus in healing. Teams of trained volunteer Healing Pathway Practitioners facilitate the healing of body, mind, emotion and spirit. The quiet space of the Healing Room provides a sanctuary for those who come to experience God’s love, peace, and healing.  The practitioners offer energy healing sessions at Knox, in homes (by request), and at Forward House. The Healing ministry is not taking appointments until further notice. This decision was made to protect our clients and practitioners at this uncertain time. However, if anyone requires a healing treatment during the shut-down they can call Bruce (see the Knox Photo Directory for contact information) and he will be willing to provide you with a modified distance prayerful healing session.    

Rainbows is a facilitator led support group for children ages 5 to 18 who are experiencing a loss through separation, divorce, or death. Meeting once a week in a confidential and safe environment, this program gives them the tools to move forward, providing reassurance that they are not alone in their journey.

The Good Grief Group meets for a 6-week session to remember, reflect, support, and encourage one another in the journey of grief. If you are interested in forming a group, please speak to our minister.   

Our Card Ministry sends out cards to celebrate important Birthdays Anniversaries, and other occasions of note. If you know someone who is celebrating please contact US.

CONTACT US Knox United Church Healing & Pastoral Care Team 250-248-3927 Administration Office