Green Team

The Knox Green Team recently challenged the congregation to ‘Give It Up for the Earth’ by changing 5 ways they interact with the environment. The 5 ways were: -  

1. Carpool:   Each year over the past four years the Green Team (formerly The Greening Sacred Spaces Committee) has challenged the congregation to carpool, walk, or bicycle to church in an effort to help out the environment we live in.  

2. Ride the Bus:   Now that the Regional District has created 3 new bus routes around Oceanside it would seem a good time to give up the car and take the bus when you can, thus improving the air we breath.  

3. Save Energy:  

  • At home switch to LED light bulbs that use at least 75% less energy and last 35 times longer. Dimming lights will save energy too. So can motion detectors.
  • Use cold water to wash your clothes.
  • Dishwashers use electricity but they save energy, money, water and your time compared to washing dishes by hand.
  • Buy low-flow shower heads and take shorter showers
  • Upgrade your kitchen appliances to ENERGY STAR-Certified.
  • Check your Air Ducts for holes, clogs and leaks.  

4. Recycle clothing:   Please think about where you can donate your used clothing when you no longer need it. Maybe, considering whether you need the item or simply wish for that new dress is a question to ask yourself before you purchase.  

5. Toys:     Toys are a $22 billion dollar industry!   Most plastic toys are designed to be made as inexpensively as possible, and often end up in the landfill at the end of their relatively short lifespan.   Fisher Price is still making toys from toxic PVC. Hasbro and Lego say they are committed to making a change and Mattel is a work in progress. These companies are ignoring the very real hazards to the health of not just our children, but the health of our planet. However one company in the US (named Green Toys) is committed to creating their toys from recyclable plastics. They have used more than 52.6 million milk jugs taking that much plastic away from the landfill. The company also ensures that they manufacture in such a way that their products are built to last. Instead of a plastic toy, try talking to local vendors selling at farmer's markets who make wooden trucks etc. from recycled wood.      

We also issued postcards at church which were filled out and signed by individuals who then mailed them to the Federal Government calling on Canada to end subsidies to the fossil fuel industry.  Why?  Because we are all concerned about our environment and pollution of our Planet Earth.

For more information, visit Greening Sacred Spaces.  To learn more about the group here at Knox and how to get involved, contact Sallie Dabb by email or call her at 250-752-7588.