Spiritual Formation shares the responsibility for developing initiatives and activities for individual and collective growth in Spirit for ages three to one hundred and three. Its mandate includes Sunday School, the Library, Contemplative Prayer, Bible Study, Summer Day Camp and Youth Group.

The team endeavours to offer a range of programming from world wisdoms to help us on our journeys to be our best selves.

In addition to Sunday School and the Library, during the past year we scheduled a Book Study series starting last October called “More Together Than Alone” – a study of successful communities through the ages, and what made them so! We intend to keep doing this post-Covid so watch for titles in future Book Studies.

Prior to the onset of Covid-19, the Rev. Jennifer Ferguson held a continuing class for new congregants on the responsibility of church membership.

Because Knox United is closed during the Covid-19 pandemic all our plans are postponed and we could not keep with our previous schedule. But we will be back so keep watching this website for updates.