Ministry & Personnel

Purpose Statement:  The Ministry and Personnel Team of Knox United Church is responsible for the oversight of our church staff and to support the relationships between staff and our congregation. We strive to ensure the work of our staff is effectively supporting the mission of Knox.  


We are a team working together to create a leadership ministry whose mission is to motivate and nurture a revitalized people of Jesus. We are not alone, we are in ministry together. Our focus is on building relationships and teams.

The Ministry and Personnel Committee is mandated by the bylaws of the United Church of Canada. We have a dual role of consultation and support to ministry personnel, staff and members of the congregation.

We oversee the relationship of our church staff – with each other, with the various Ministry Teams, with Council, and also with YOU, the congregation.  The Committee’s role is to continually monitor and review the effectiveness of staff in relation to the congregation’s mission, and to oversee the relationship between staff and the congregation.   We want to ensure a healthy climate in the congregation where constructive feedback can be offered and received in a positive way.  

The committee members are: Susan Zwick EMAIL, Jeanette Mossing, Ray Walker, Nancy Douglas & Fred Nienaber