Knox plays no more important role than providing food for the homeless through the Manna Sandwich Programme.

A group of dedicated Knox members meet twice a month in our kitchen to make tasty sandwiches as well as enjoy each other’s company.  I visited this group of women (and one brave man) last Friday and saw them hard at work. They prepare approximately 70 sandwiches each two weeks.  The team members rotate and usually there are eight on any given Friday.  Jan Lucas heads up the Homelessness Focus Group, an offshoot of Social Justice and Outreach.  Together with Elaine Dauncey & Lorna Kobelak they schedule the team, pick up the bread donated by Thrifty’s and purchase the other ingredients for the sandwiches.  When the sandwiches are made they are dropped off to the Manna van parked near the Civic Centre in Parksville.