This is an opportunity for the Knox Family to play, and have an informal meeting and greeting with friends they already know, or friends that they have not met yet.

We strive to have something for everybody to feel comfortable in the Knox circle of friends, without all of the work involved in the bigger community events that are offered at Knox - a shared responsibility.

United Church Women: ladies group, the Life blood of church functions.

Sisters United: for all sisters, friends of Knox, women. Themed meetings, suppers, lunches, potluck style.

Mens Club: interesting meetings with speakers, food etc. Hospitality with greeters at the door for every service, information table in the Narthex, all about Knox.  

We offer Line Dancing for those that are somewhat familiar, and this year an added “improver” level class - one step beyond “somewhat familiar”.

Family Picnics: for any and all friends and family, neighbours.

Spring Fling: for all talented, and non-talented performers to strut their stuff!

Progressive Supper: coming up in October for anyone interested in sharing their homes, cooking talents, as well as those who love to eat and would like the opportunity to get into small supper groups.

Home Groups: where like minded folks get together and share their laughter, ideas, thoughts, innermost fellings, as well as talents, such as the Knitters, Grumpy Old Men, and Junk Band.

Second Sunday of the month informal Meet and Greet with the Minister, Jennifer after church service.

In the recent past we have offered a  bus trip to Yellowpoint Spectacular, and if there is an interest could look beyond that.

I am looking for people who are interested in setting up “Games” nights, "Singles” nights, or any other activity that they have in mind.  

Please contact  for more information