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What is Manna Homeless Society?                                                                                       

Some people asked this at our recent Fall Fair.

Manna Homeless Society is a nonprofit society helping the needy in Oceanside.  It was started, and is still captained by Robin Campbell, when many years ago, he noticed those in need in our community. Manna H.S. supports individuals, couples and families suffering from poverty, by offering tangible help such as food, transportation(bikes), laundry vouchers, hygienic supplies,clothing, rain gear and outdoor survival equipment.

Their mission is to provide the homeless and impoverished with the basic provisions for survival. Knox United has supported Manna for several years in the following ways:

1. We collect clothing and useful items in the Manna box in the hall next to the lounge. Warm clothing, tarps, tents, toiletries are always in demand.

2. Knox donated monies to help buy the larger new Van for storing and delivering donated items.

3. Some Clothing and other items left from the Fall Fair are being donated to Manna

4.The Outreach Committee has a twice monthly sandwich program funded by the church and sandwiches are made in the church kitchen and given out on Saturdays where the Manna Van locates at the Park on Jensen Avenue.

5.The Outreach Committee has volunteers that deliver the day-old bread every other week from Thriftys to the park on Jensen.

So, in conclusion, Manna Homeless Society is a wonderful organization that seeks to do Gods'     good work and we work with them to support and help them.

If anyone would like to read more about Manna, please go to:mannahomeless

If you wish to volunteer for the Bread Programme or the Sandwich Programme, please phone       Jan at 250-468-9318 or e-mail her at

Thank you