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June is officially recognized as Pride month.

It’s a time in which the LGBTQIA+ and Two Spirit community is recognized and celebrated here in Canada and other regions. 

LifeSpeak’s campaign sets out to help us better understand the social and mental health considerations for these communities.

Check out these helpful videos which deal with key topics such as:

  • Coming out as LGBTQIA+ and Two Spirit
  • Same sex couple-hood and parenthood
  • The effect of homophobia on mental health

Be sure to join the “Ask the Expert” session on June 28 at noon ET as Michael Bach (Cornell Certified Diversity Professional, Advanced Practitioner (CCDP/AP)Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion) speaks on the topic, "Talking to Your Kids and Coworkers about the LGBTQIA+ Community." 
Learn more.

The French version will be on June 29 at noon ET, with Nadia Brabant. Find out more.

LifeSpeak is an extension of the Employee and Family Assistance Program, to help keep you and your family mentally and physically healthy. You can access the service from any computer or mobile device—visit, choose option "Access Through Group Account"  and enter password "wellness".