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A healthy diet throughout life supports normal growth, development, and aging, and reduces the risk of chronic disease, leading to overall health and well-being. This month, LifeSpeak’s Expert, Toby Amidor, will share her nutrition tips—in six parts—to fully benefit from the food we eat.

Eating for

  • A well-balanced diet 
  • Heart health 
  • Cancer prevention 
  • Healthy bones 
  • A healthy gut 
  • Optimal health: FAQ  

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WorkLifeHealth has a section on Food & Nutrition under the health & well-being, physical well-being headings. You can read articles on: 

  • Health eating for busy families 
  • Growing older eating wiser 
  • Eating healthy – for you and your budget 

They also have a section on Nutrition Support, under My Services. Maintaining a healthy, well-balanced diet can be a challenge with a hectic schedule and multiple personal and family demands. Select the purple “Get started online” button to explore your options.

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