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A paraphrase of Psalm 106:1‒5:

Praise our Creator! O Meegwetch give thanks to the Maker, for Turtle Island nurtures us; love lives forever in ancestors dancing in the aurora borealis.
Who can truth talk the mighty doings of the Creator or drum all their praises?
Joyful are those who observe justice, who work for right relations at all times.
Remember me, O Great Spirit, when you show honour to your people.
Help us when you lead us into places of protection.
We see the grateful hunting of creatures, generous gathering and abundant harvest and prosperity of our kin, that we may dance in the ceremonies of our nation’s people, that we may glory in your ancestry.
All my relations.

(From 2022 Indigenous Day of Prayer - All My Relations worship service and sermon by the Rev. Nancy Best.)

[Photo: steveowst / Pixabay]