Knox is very proud to showcase their new Rodgers organ!

The Artist Series 599 organ features 3 keyboard manuals with lighted drawknob controls; 10 configurable toe pistons; and 20 internal memory banks. Built-in Hymn Player offers 350 frequently played hymn tunes at the touch of a key, and USB storage allows you to save all organ settings as well as an unlimited number of recorded performances.

With authentic pipe organ sound and exceptional flexibility, Artist Series 599 is ready for any repertoire. Rodgers Artist Series organs are the culmination of decades of innovation.

At the heart of the Artist Series’ realistic pipe organ sound lays our unique high-resolution sampling process. Up to 8 microphones are used to capture the most detailed and nuanced pipe sounds possible. Unmatched tonal flexibility is provided by Rodgers’ patented Voice PaletteTM system. Then Pipe Dimensional ImagingTM recreates tone placement from the height, width and depth of the pipe chest — masterfully completing the authentic pipe organ sound experience. For more information about the organ see the attached file.