Fun, Family, Friends & Foods Mission:  To create events at Knox that are open to all people, offering opportunities for fun and play together that will foster and nurture a sense of joy in peoples lives. 

Our church is closed at present because of Covid-19 but we are looking forward to being open and welcoming soon.  FFF&F spearhead many fun events during the year and here is some of what we have organized in the recent past:
Fall Supper and Dance:  Western Theme  
November 22, 2019
Progressive Supper: "Dinner On The Go"
February 28, 2020 

Because of the onset of Covid-19 we have had to cancel many planned events, but as soon as we are able to return to our normal activities we will once again host fun, family & friends events with lots of food!  Watch this space for more information.
Line dancing classes will hopefully resume once again on Monday mornings 10:00 - 11:45 AM for a $2.00 drop in fee.  
Easy beginner lessons to start, progressing to more intermediate style dancing after 11:00 AM.
All are invited to challenge themselves at all levels.
Watch this space for updates.
FUN, FAMILY, FRIENDS & FOOD is comprised of Sisters United, GMO (Grumpy Men Only) and we are looking at the option of many additional home groups.  Until recently we also had United Church Women and the Men’s Club, two groups that added so much to the life of Knox.  We hope as our congregation grows we will be able to reinstate both of these special interest groups.