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An Important Update

Despite the closure of our Thrift Shop due to COVID-19, and the lost revenue that we count on every month to fund our operations, we are still able to offer essential services to our most vulnerable residents. Thanks to community support, we are still providing:

  • Emergency Assistance & Advocacy. If you are a resident in need of food or medicine, call us.
  • Counselling Referral Program. If you are in need of counselling support, we can connect you with a professional counsellor online.
  • Seniors Advocacy Services and Oceanside Better at Home. If you are a senior who needs help grocery shopping, has questions about your benefits, or needs someone to check in with them, give us a call.
  • Meals on Wheels. Delivering nutritious meals to residents 3 days a week.
  • Homeless Prevention Program. Clients continue to receive support to maintain housing.
  • Working with the Oceanside Task Force on Homelessness, we are helping homeless individuals with supplies and emergency assistance.

If you are a District 69 resident in need, call us at 250-248-2093. We are here to help, as long as our funds allow.

If you can make a financial donation to our Grateful Hearts: SOS COVID-19 Campaign
to help neighbours in need, please donate now. Your help can’t wait!


Grateful Hearts
SOS Emergency Campaign helping seniors and vulnerable residents.