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Knox United Church, Parksville began its life as Knox Presbyterian Church in November 1909.

The church grew and expanded to include Errington, Hilliers and Qualicum Beach as well as Coombs in 1917.

In 1925 Methodist, Congregational and many Presbyterian Churches joined to become the United Church of Canada.  On October 7, 1930, at a quarterly meeting of the Mission, it was decided to officially become a part of the United Church of Canada

Two services were held every Sunday, but as the town grew, even two services did not suffice, and there was hardly any room for Sunday School and other programs.  The need for a new church building became obvious, but the size of the congregation and its resources seemed to make it an impossible dream. The church sold its property on the Island Highway in 1978 and for a year the congregation worshipped in the Roman Catholic Church in French Creek.

As Knox Church already owned the cemetery, additional adjacent property was purchased to build a new church.  The dedication of the new building took place on February 11, 1979.  Quickly, the congregation tripled in size and there was a feeling of renewal.  

In June 2004, after many years of dreaming and planning, Knox launched out in faith and began an exciting building expansion and renovation project.  The congregation was out of the building for a 9-month period.  Staff worked out of a trailer in the parking lot and worship services were held in the showroom of the Parksville Chrysler dealership.  On March 6, 2005, Knox held its first service of worship in the beautiful new building.   

The church Sanctuary is now home not only for worship services every Sunday but an acoustically superior  venue for concerts, movies, dances and meetings in the Oceanside area.

Here's to the next century or two!