Colleen Welsh
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SPIRITUAL FORMATION, LIBRARY:There’s a Tiny Cat in the library!  Not so soft and cuddly though.  Tiny Cat from Library Thing is our new online catalog program.  That means you can go online at and browse our library.   In a bookstore and wondering if we have the book? Or wondering if we have any books mentioned in recent sermons, just check on Tiny Cat.  You can access this online library catalog program on devices such as your pc, laptop or mobile phone.  You will see a ribbon of book covers.  Just click on any one and it will give you more information about that book.  On the book page there are lots of live links, so get the curious like a cat and follow them for more information.  You can even send us an email directly from the program.  Just click a book on the ribbon, go the to bottom of book page for “Ask About This” and send us a note.  It is an easy way to reserve a book, renew it, ask a question or even pass along a warm fuzzy

For help, drop into the library on Sunday mornings and ask for Don or Marg