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After 58 years, Knox UCW has voted to disband.  Our membership numbers, along with collective energy have declined, and with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic we are no longer able to continue functioning and at the same time fulfil our much-beloved purpose: “To unite women of the congregation for the total mission of the church and to provide a medium through which they nay express their loyalty and devotion to Jesus Christ in Christian witness, study, fellowship and service.”

As President of UCW, I have been pondering all sorts of memories from my 20 years as a member here at Knox.  I realize that we have lost so many dear and valued members who have transitioned to their next life: The self-named “Kitchen Queens” Muriel Dash, Bea Murley, Thelma Denninger; and Beth Machan, President Margaret Edwards, Irene Cormie, Flora Corman, Laurie Hettle, Francis Barnum, Madge Highfield, Lorraine Thompson, and Secretary Maxine Cox, and due to relocating to Courtenay: Secretary Gwen Staton.  We have missed each and every one of them. Over the years, UCW has raised thousands of dollars and donated much of that money to the Operating Fund of Knox, along with thousands of dollars that were given to the Mission and Service Fund.  We have provided financial assistance to women from the congregation who have attended women’s retreats at Naramata and Banff. Camperships have been given to children in need wishing to attend Camp Moorecroft or Camp Pringle, and the Summer Bible camps held here at Knox. We have made donations to First United Church in Vancouver, not only with cash donations but also with warm winter clothing; also, Our Place in Victoria has benefitted from our donations of money and warm winter clothing. Now all this was made possible by the generous response UCW would always receive when we would appeal for home baking, folks kindly brought their baked goods on the day of the Bake Sales, and then come and buy their baking back!  We are ever so grateful to the congregation for their generous support of our projects over the many, many years! We believe we have been good and faithful stewards of our funds.    

UCW has always been willing to help out at the Turkey and Pasta suppers, we have pitched in as individuals at every one of the Fall Fairs; we have initiated Plant Sales, and then helped out at the plant sales when we were no longer able to organize the Plant Sale on our own.  We have cooperated with the Pastoral Care team with Teas, and Cookies Cuz We Care
UCW has recognized 80th & 90th birthdays by making a $25 donation to a Knox Fund of the recipient’s choice; and we would purchase a bouquet for those couples celebrating their 50th or 60th anniversary (this was done on behalf of the Church Council.) Please accept our gratitude for the ongoing support over these nearly 60 years

May we keep the faith as a congregation as we do our best to overcome the impact of the Pandemic, and in the words of Dr. Bonnie HenryBe calm, be kind, and be safe.   I believe that in the coming days Knox can depend on us to be there with helping hands as individual members of Knox!

June McIntyre