In society and in the church community, the reluctance to talk about mental health is changing.   People are more at ease than in the past, yet we are just beginning to know how to engage, help or support those in our midst that are living with mental health challenges.  

At Knox, we have started a support group for those wanting to make progress in their mental health.  We are drawing on the rich resources of our Christian faith and the experiences, style and wisdom of 12-Step groups.  We are meeting weekly for one hour and the focus of our time is to share what it’s been like and what has worked. We are allowing God to heal our human woundedness.  In this group we find social support; share wisdom gained from our experience; find and offer mentoring and role modeling.  

If you think a peer-based, confidential support group will help your mental health, then please come to a meeting.  We suggest giving it a try for three or four times to see if it fits your needs.   

We meet on Mondays from 1:30 - 2:30 pm in Room 6.   For more information, call Bill Laurie (250-713-4742) or Paul Vincent (705-817-7625).