The Visioning Facilitation Team, previously known as the Wholeness Committee, have been meeting every week since the beginning of September. Our purpose was, in consultation with the congregation and using a process of discernment, to develop a Vision, to determine our mission, and to identify the values that represent Knox.

In January, we held a Luau where 75 people from the congregation participated in a day session to identify the values for Knox. In March, we held Dessert and Conversations sessions to hear what brought people to Knox; what keeps people coming back; what people are seeking; and what they see emerging for Knox in the future.  On April 8th, the Visioning Facilitation Team conducted the worship service to begin a six-week period of reflection and deep listening to God to determine our dreams, visions and purposes. Opportunities were provided for the congregation to draw or write what they thought Knox was being called, by God, to do. From all of this information that was gathered the team created a draft document. On May 22nd the Congregation was invited to give us feedback about what we had discerned to that date. Discussion of that feedback and further discerning has taken place since then. 

The Vision Team Vision, Values and Mission document (see attachment below) outlines what the Visioning Facilitation Team believes is the best interpretation of what we heard and received from the Congregation of Knox over the last 9 months. We believe that this is a document that will be used as a guideline for our relationships with each other, for our relationships in the larger community and as a guide in choosing and planning the future activities and programming at Knox.  

Respectfully submitted Visioning Facilitation Team:
Kathy Grand, Nancy Newland, Jo Dunn, Paul Vincent, Lois Grill, Morganne Pickering, Lynne Pearson,
and Jennifer Ferguson